Workflow/Practice Management


Quick question for practice owners/managers out there! Until this year, I have always been able to manage workflow/my returns using spreadsheets and my brain :), but we have grown enough to warrant purchasing Canopy practice management and certainly beyond the ability to keep all the plates in the air as a sole practitioner.

Does anyone have any advice/tips/tutorials (I can’t seem to find any), on how to really systematize projects and returns in Canopy to create a routine and dependable workflow? I am trying to avoid letting anything ‘fall through the cracks’ as well as avoid an overloaded week before a given tax deadline…

I am not using Canopy as efficiently or as fully as possible for these goals.

Appreciate any thoughts and/or resources!


Good Morning Meghan,

What you are describing is exactly what our customer success folks help with! Did you have an opportunity to go through our on-boarding training?

I would recommend reaching out to Canopy and simply letting our team know you need some guidance on these best practices. We can take care it!

Hope that helps,


I appreciate that Jeff!!

Would you recommend just scheduling an appointment with my training rep that was assigned to me in the beginning? I’ll be honest I saw appointments with her starting tomorrow and just didn’t want to wait until then…bit impatient on my end! Happy to do that though if that’s the best way to get the information!

Thanks again!


It appears the team is already on it. They will be reaching out after lunch. Thanks for posting!


I had/have the same issue. I didn’t see it prudent to do any of the tutorials during the off season because the way my brain works is that I have to have a real assignment in order to really be effective with strategizing on a new work process that includes new tech.

One of the tutorials I took that I found beneficial was creating engagements. I saw this was helpful and created a template engagement that would populate to each new engagement created. You have to catch the workflow very well in order to create the right amount of steps so nothing falls through the cracks.

Once this is done you have to discipline yourself in using the software and all of it’s features applicable to your practice in order to achieve a good ROI.

I’m new in this software as you are and I look forward to reading more about your journey.