Workflow Best Practice


New to the software, looking for a best practice when setting up workflow. Don’t want to have a million steps for each type of tax return, but also want enough to stay on top of major process points. Anyone have suggestions?


We found it most efficient to set up for each return:

One tax return engagement, specifying type of client and return, due date, etc
NO steps
ONE task for “tax prep - 1040” “tax prep - 1120S” etc with appropriate due dates; link the task to the engagement.
Monitor progress of return by setting up custom stati (I don’t think statuses is a word) for the task:

  • Eng ltr received
  • Client data received
  • Client’s return in progress
  • Need additional data from client
  • Need 8879 forms
  • Completed, unpaid
  • Efiled

You can set up an unlimited number of custom stati w/in Canopy.