Transcripts Problems


I’m not sure if this is the correct format to ask this question but I’m having problems pulling transcripts and I don’t know why. Does anyone know how to find out a reason for not getting a transcript when a CAF checks out?

I’m just starting out with Canopy so not familiar how navigate everything.


Hey @KBates!

I just noticed that your question was not answered. I’m so sorry for not responding sooner. To clarify, are you saying that the CAF check succeeded but no transcripts were delivered? If so, did you receive an error of some sort?

This could be an IRS timeout issue, or perhaps the transcripts are too large. I’m sorry that I don’t have a definitive answer for you right now but if you were still unable to get your transcripts after trying again, you can always get in touch directly with Canopy support, by clicking the green “intercom” bubble (e.g. below) in the bottom-right corner of the Canopy app, or our website.


Just to follow up with a little more clarity:

In digging deeper, we found that there was an error with the IRS, when you originally tried to pull transcripts. It failed (indicating the IRS did not have a POA on file - That is all we can hear from the IRS). It looks like the transcript you wanted was eventually pulled a few days after your post, here.

I hope this give some additional insight.



If you get stuck again, you can also just call in and order them if you need them faster. 6-7pm call the practitioner line and you will not sit on hold very long.

Here is a guide on how to order IRS transcripts that explains the phone procedure as well.