Signed off Installment Agreement


Hello All,
I’ve been reviewing some of the Q&A’s and I think this is a great supporting community. I hope my situation is simple enough to get some responds that would help me to better assist my client.

My client had a Sales Tax Audit for the years 2014,2015, and 2016. At that time he had no bookkeeping and of course the state (NY) estimated his sales tax for a greater amount in contrast to the bookkeeping we conducted.

The problem is, my client signed off on the audit and agreed to pay the state an installment agreement of $1300 a month, which is causing financial hardship for his family. Is there a way to try to have this audit re-opened based on the new evidence of the bookkeeping, and if not, is an OIC the way to go?
Thanks in advance for reading and your response.


Hi Airrion,
This sounds like a state tax issue, not federal. Is that correct?


Yes, that’s correct.