Problem pulling transcripts


I get a CAF error when I try to pull transcript through Canopy. I also get the same CAF error when I pull directly from the IRS website. I had to call the IRS and they mailed the requested transcripts to me but they could not tell me why I am unable to pull via the website. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? The error is “not authorized” but the IRS agent confirmed the form 8821 on file. So frustrating.


Good evening Pamela!!

I hope that this message finds you doing well!!

I #believe that you may have a circumstance where the POA has not been input into the IRS CAF System yet or even worse you may have issues with your IRS E-Services Product!!

I would work my way from both ends…meaning I would enlist Canopy’s able bodied support group as well as the IRS E-Services Help desk!

Sorry I didn’t fix your problem today but If I can ever help you in the future give me a call at 850-340-0828 or email me at !!





Good morning Pamela!!

Would you please share with the folks in the forum what happened with your problem!

Did you get it cleared up and how??




No resolution, the IRS is unable to give a reason as to why I can’t retrieve transcripts


#WoW!! :thinking: That is very problematic!


I noticed on the right that it states IRS CAF issue… what does that mean?


I have a CAF error evertime i try to get a transcript and tge same error from the IRS. They also only give me blank transcripts from forms 4506T.