Obtaining state wage transcripts


I am completing several years of tax returns for a client. She has lost all of her w-2 information. I obtained the IRS wage transcripts but there is no state figures there. Do I need to obtain a state POA and get records from the state? Any guidance would be appreciated.


Hi, I am new to this forum so I am just seeing your post–don’t know if you ever got an answer but if not, I would suggest your client attempt to get copies of w-2 from prior employers–if that fails you could check with your State tax authority --but if you are in Louisiana I will guarantee no results–if all else fails go to the Social Security web site–look for FAQs and you will find “HOW CAN I GET A COPY OF MY WAGE AND TAX STATEMENTS”–you can order them all the way back to 1978–however they are pricey at $37 per year.
Hope this helps.


As I understood this, the client has lost all her W-2 records and there’s no chance for her to request them from former employers? If there is a chance, so William’s point expressed above is absolutely true. If it’s complicated about contacting former employers for some reason, try to request those w2 form online https://fillable-form-w2.pdffiller.com there’s a little chance it will work


Also, if you have the IRS transcripts, you can just call the state and they will give you the withholdings over the phone. They won’t however, give you the State EIN numbers but if you are not electronically filing, you won’t need them and the state will issue the refunds without them.