New User Tutorial


Hello everyone or as we say in Hawaii …Aloha

I am new to this site and community. There is reference to a new user interactive tutorial. Please guide me to where this is located as I wish to be a good member of this community.

Thank you
Cherylle Morrow


Great question !! I have been wondering that myself!

@jordan or @Jeff can you help??


Aloha! I don’t know about a new user interactive tutorial, but the community guidelines are in the FAQ that you can find by selecting the topic list button in the upper right corner.


Good Morning Everyone,
Sorry for the delayed response. We do not have an “interactive tutorial” built into the community. Right now, as Henry mentioned, we do have a set of community guidelines in place. However, just like the actual Canopy app, you will see improvements throughout 2019. We are devising a plan to make it truly useful and interactive for our tribe of members.


Do you have webnier on medical? Is this all about IRS?


We have a range of topics that are addressed on the platform. However, I don’t know what you mean by “medical”. Can you clarify what you are looking for?