IRS now requesting a "related" (new) offer for TP's spouse


TP’s OIC is being processed. He filed jointly with his former spouse for 2010-2014, and jointly with his current wife for 2015 (all years in the offer). The ex-wife is nowhere to be found. The current wife no longer files MFJ as of 2016.

He is a Sched. C. The wives only worked for him for no formal compensation, nor did they have outside jobs. He is willingly taking responsibility for the full tax liability.

The IRS is now requesting a separate OIC for 2015 for the current wife, though she doesn’t work and he’s taking responsibility. IRS also wants another $186 app fee and 20% of a new offer (what new offer??). This all seems pointless. I would like to fax a letter to the agent explaining this. Clear as mud? Am I off-base?

Thanks in advance!!


You didn’t indicate if the current spouse has income or not. I would contact the IRS agent in charge of your original case to find out the reason for the second OIC.

Also, if the current spouse does not work and has no other income you would not be required to pay the fee or the 20%.


Hi Keith,
Thanks for your reply. She has no income. The IRS is done reviewing the offer. I am going to post a question about the outcome now.