Internal Revenue Manual (IRM) resources


I’m looking for a resource for the Internal Revenue Manual (IRM), especially Section 5 collection process. Besides the are there any resources to weave through the IRM to pull out major or relevant key points quickly than spending hours reading through it?



For access to the entire IRM please copy and paste the link below into your web url. Once you access the site you must click on the Section Pages (i.e. Part 1; Part 2; etc) to access the actual document contents.

Alexander F. Ming JP.BFC.CPA.


Hi Alexander,
In my original post, I did refer to the
I’m looking for a better, easier tool to search and learn instead of using the which is a clunky system.
I’m also looking for a CPE course that could help break down or explain the most important parts of the IRM respectively.


Hey David! Were you able to find some other resource that was a bit less clunky than the IRM?