Inherently funny wordForm 9423


I am working on one of my first notices through Canopy. In the response letter template it suggests I should send in Form 9423 (Collection Appeal Request). Looking at that form it has a section for an explanation of why we are filing for an appeal. Is there any guidance on what type of wording should be put here? I wouldn’t know what to say.


Hey Dustin,
You may want to review Pub 1660 (specifically page 3-4) regarding CAP ( Typically, in your explanation, it is ideal to explain the situation and reference the IRM regarding the action you are appealing. That will likely fill up a lot of the wording for you!

FOR EXAMPLE: if you’re appealing an active levy (via CAP) based upon hardship, you would explain why this is causing a hardship and include references to the IRM to support the thought process.

Hope this helps,


Jeff, this is great! Thank you very much!