If a person incurred debt before marriage do they have to base fm 656 on spouse info?


When an offer in compromise for the form 656 do you consider the spouse on this or just the 443 a questio

Offer in compromise

Hey have either if you worked on this issue before? I have a client who is married within the last two years and accrued a tax bill for 2006,2007 and 2008. Does she have to include her spouses income on the offer in compromise there is a form 656 that states The information is based on her alone as an individual, I think? I’m not sure about that piece of it. They filed married filing separately, so that she doesn’t have any of her income tax affected. She is currently unemployed and attending college there for her spouse is the sole wage owner.


You must present the 433-A OIC based on the current household income and expenses. In this case, that is a benefit to the taxpayer. You must establish a ratio of the household income and then apply the liable taxpayer’s ratio to most of the expenses. This is a complicated OIC, if you need help, I am available. Marc