Glitch in the system


I registered for two webinars this morning and the system decided to crash on me. Anyone else have this problem?

I’m furious, because there is nothing i can do on my end. I did everything they suggested, refresh, change to chrome and remove cookies, nothing, nada. Looks like i’m the one with the bad luck.


Same thing happened to me.I went on the chat and was told their system was down and they would advise when it’s up & running. :frowning: I was able to complete one webinar before the system crash though :slight_smile:


It was frustrating. However, they got the system up for me as i am now listening.


Good afternoon!!

I hope that you all were able to get your CPE done as planned!!

I think that you will find out that Canopy normally has a very stable and reliable system with very little downtime!!

Thanks and have a great day!!



Thanks for letting us know all! This system is a new one that we are still working out a few kinks on. Because of the large number of courses we are adding into the system, and large number of users, we are seeing some bottlenecks. We are working on those, and we should have them ironed out shortly.


I did two CE classes last night and neither came up on my certificates page after I passed the self-study tests. Is there anyway of recovering those CE hours and Certificates or are they all just lost in the glitch? I was hoping to complete several more hours tomorrow, now I’m leery.


Over the summer I’ve done at least eight classes that canopy has not given me credit for, they pop up messages saying I wasn’t there for the whole thing I didn’t answer all the questions which is not true. I always set aside a time for the webinars I do not answer the phones while they are going on, someone else takes on all my duties so I can devote my time to be webinars. I have called the company I have written emails and I get the same answer you got that they had a glitch don’t look into it they don’t know what will the wrong nobody else has had this problem it must be my computer. The one I like best is that I turned in late, I always set my computer up at least 45 minutes early to be sure that I can get logged in and I have time to call the company if I’m having any troubles.