Filling Out 8821 to get 1099s


I want to see 1099s when I receive transcripts or wages from the IRS. Do I need to specifically put 1099s in column D and income tax under column A, or will income tax only get me W-2 wages?

If I need both W-2s and 1099s, do I put each one on a separate line?

Thanks. The IRS is so picky on this, I seem to have to do this over and over and they never tell me what’s wrong with the 8821.


Good morning Beverly!

I am attaching two links provided by Canopy relative to 8821s!

This one What You Need to Know About Filing Form 8821 is a blog entry by Micala Downs.

And the second Tips For Filling Out IRS Form 8821: Tax Information Authorization by @Jeffrey_Kinsel

I hope that these help!