Contacting irs collection by fax


Client has submitted OIC. Collections ready to levy. Need fax number or contact info for Collections to notify them of pending offer. Thank you,


Did you send the OIC in via a tracking method (UPS, FedEx, certified mail)? Collections should be able to see either the transaction code 480 (OIC received) and/or status code 71 (OIC). These codes would prevent enforcement action. You may want to pull transcripts to confirm those are showing up (and more importantly make sure the IRS received the offer).
How were you made aware that they were about to take levy action? If it was via an assigned Revenue Officer, the offer should have been sent to them for forwarding onto COIC (or at least a copy of the OIC paperwork as the case belongs to them until OIC takes over). If you received a notice, advising you of the potential for levy, there should be contact information of the area that sent the notice.


Transcripts did it. Thank you, Jon