Canopy use for people who aren't holding a license/certification



I initially joined canopy to use the transcript in order to gather transcripts and work with clients on letters received. Since I’m unable to pull transcripts through canopy (the IRS can’t explain why I’m not able to electronically pull the transcript, I have to call each time to request a fax/mail). Can anyone give me other ideas on how I can use canopy? As of now, I haven’t gotten much use from it. Before I opt to cancel, I’d prefer to get an idea of how I can make it make sense for having it. Thanks


Are you able to request transcripts through the transcript delivery system on the site?


Here’s the way I use Canopy:

  1. All of my clients are loaded and I use tags to separate types of clients: (monthly accounting, 1040, 1065, 1120S, Texas Sales Tax, etc.). So, I can filter and send mass emails to groups of clients with messages specific to a topic. I’ve eliminated Constant Contact
  2. I use the forms feature (found in Engagements) and quickly fill out 2848 or 8821 forms for the client to sign. (Canopy pulls most of the info from the client’s profile) That has eliminated a manual process of typing all of the info into the form.
  3. I do use the Transcripts and love the way it organizes the data results. For me, it was tricky at first but I realized the issue was more with the IRS side. Once I figured that out, Canopy has worked great.
  4. I use templates + Engagements and can automate the eSignature of my accounting engagement letter. I eliminated 17Hats which I previously was using for Onboarding
  5. I used the portal feature this year with all of my tax clients for them to send me their tax documents digitally. I eliminated Thomson Reuters NetClient


Thanks so much!!! This gives me confirmation on automating my office, I’m all over the place. I’m definitely going to put this into place.


No, I’ve contacted the IRS 3 times and they can’t explain to me why I can’t electronically pull them. I end up having to get the fax. They are literally clueless as to why it’s happening. I get off the phone with absolutely no explanation. It’s not a Canopy issue, it’s definitely an IRS issue.


What happens when you try to use the Transcript Delivery System? Do you get a CAF check fail or does it not allow you to access the system at all?


CAF check fail when attempting to pull transcript.


Do you send 2848’s or 8821’s or both? And what do you mean when you say you aren’t holding a license/certification? Cause there are certain requirements to submit a 2848 that aren’t on the 8821.


I’m not a CPA nor EA, and I’ve sent both forms.


Yeah that sounds like an error in the IRS system which, unfortunately, is not uncommon. You could try calling the Practitioner Priority Hotline and have them look up your CAF number and tell you what it’s authorized for. Or you could try to get a new CAF number by following the instructions in this post: Sorry I couldn’t be more help, I’ve had my own share of problems with the IRS’s online system.


Thanks for taking time out to understand where my issue is. I think I’ll try for the new CAF. The Practitioner Priority Hotline continues to tell me they don’t understand why I cant. Thanks so much for suggesting the new CAF. Hopefully that will solve my problem.


I had a similar problem. When I called the IRS - number on your CAF letter - the person I spoke with had to make a change to my account which allowed me then to access transcripts.