Canopy Power User discussion


We are a small firm that uses Canopy for our entire practice. I hope that this becomes a permanent thread so users can post how they use Canopy day to day and issues that they face.

The overall intent of this thread is not to complain but to discuss how we as users USE Canopy, how we as users create our own work around solutions, and how we can help get this information where it needs to go, to Canopy and other users.

Again, this is not a place to complain but offer positive feedback along with real everyday issues, ways that we can work around, or help other users get the most out of Canopy.


I want to start off by saying Thank You Canopy for your very timely responses and never ending updates. I know you all are working hard and the number of requests for issues, suggestions, and programming changes is vast!

A few things we have discussed privately with the Canopy Messenger I will list below, they may have been addressed already or been discussed. I just want to add some things to get the ball rolling.

A possible Kiosk option for clients with no email or simply for client convenience that we can access with a tablet in our office to get them set up or problems resolved. They could also pop in and access their info that way if they don’t have access to a computer or email. ( I realize this is not a major concern for some but where we live this seems to be a weekly issue).

A possible seasonal or month to month option for businesses that hire seasonal help for tax season only. ( it would be nice if it was capable of accessing the entire suite of options so that it was convenient, affordable, and a viable option for firms that hire seasonal help.

An option to rename the Client Survey, (this seems to confuse some of our clients and either the option to use a custom name or a few drop down type options that would possibly fit the different uses of the task).

We are soon to be moving all of our files to Canopy and with remote offices this is a great way to consolidate even more within Canopy. A couple of issues we are trying to work around is if an employee just has the CRM module but needs to access files that are within the Tax Resolution module for billing, basic clerical work, or related client needs that doesn’t need anything but our information/files within Canopy. Currently it looks like for those basic tasks we would need multiple modules. We are attempting to be creative in how we address this but any suggestions etc. would be great if someone is currently using Canopy in this manner.

I look forward to reading the possible responses on how other users work with Canopy and their issues, or solutions.



A question for anyone that may have the answer. We just added 3 members and of course they could see no contacts. What would be the easiest way for them to see and access our contacts without making them an admin and without having to open each contact and add them individually as a collaborator?

Also, I am a bit uncomfortable with the availability for someone with admin rights to select all contacts and then have the delete function be so accessible. Even with the big pop up box that says this is not a good idea are you sure. Take for example if you have an employee with those rights and they know they are about to be fired or are about to resign and they decide to just delete them. Even with the restore feature that is still scary.

Maybe a solution is to create a power user type category and remove the top end admin rights but still give them high functionality rights for like a supervisor or team leader? Another possibility is to add a few template access levels and maybe a custom access level so that the admin can give certain people certain rights? Or simply a custom option so people don’t have to worry about a template being the proper fit?