Can I have multiple CAF numbers?


I currently work with an employer as an EA and have a CAF associated to the clients I work with there.
I want to start a solo practice and I do not want the IRS to send my employer’s client information, notices, etc to my solo practice and vice versa.


Great question! It is probably best to ask if the CAF number you are using was issued to you or your firm. Typically the CAF number is assigned to you as an individual the first time you file a third part authorization with the IRS and is not associated with the firm you work for. You will only be issued one CAF number. However, it is possible that a business entity may be issued a CAF number. So, if the CAF number you have been using belongs to the business then you will be issued your own CAF number the first time you (as an individual) file a third party authorization with the IRS. Hope this helps.


It is made to me personally. I want to use the transcript delivery system so I need the CAF to be assigned to me and not my firm or else I will not be use the TDS.
The issue is that I will be an Enrolled Agent for an employer and as a sole practitioner so I need to separate the clients and contact information.


Hi Reagan - You are not alone in your desire for a second CAF or PTIN. I used to have a similar problem but never found a way to get a second CAF or PTIN assigned to me. On the IRS website, it does state “CAF numbers may be assigned to an individual or a business entity.” So maybe the solution is to have a CAF number issued to your “sole practitioner” business. I would suggest you call the Practitioner Priority Service at 866-860-4259 to see if they can advise you on how to get a CAF number assigned to your private business. I would love to hear back once you give it a try. Sorry I don’t have a quick and easy answer.