Are there plans to make the Canopy Community private?


I logged in to the Canopy Community for the first time in an effort to look for some information, which I cannot find. I thought about posting a question, but I am hesitant since I noticed that I was able to see all posts and replies in this community even before I created a login. Is the plan to always keep the community publicly available and open, even to people who are not registered users? I noticed that many people are asking questions related to specific cases and while I haven’t so far seen names or SSN’s, I still wonder if it’s a good idea to keep this open.

What are others’ thoughts about this?


Inviting Others to the Canopy Community

Good morning James,

I have pondered over your question regarding whether this should be an open or a closed community for several days now. It is my belief that the Canopy Community should remain open to everyone, whether they are Canopy users or not.

If anyone has concerns over privacy issues, I cannot see where making the Community private would mitigate these concerns.

I have invited a couple of professionals who are just getting started in the tax resolution business and are not able financially to “pony up” for the Canopy Software at this point and I know that they are benefiting from the information in the community.

I have always been one to err on the side of be inclusive, so if I am going to err, I would rather include someone, than exclude someone.