Are SFR's considered "filed returns" for OIC purposes


My client wants to file an OIC but has two SFR’s with CSED’s of 2024. Will she need to file these missing returns before the IRS will accept the OIC or are the SFR’s considered “filed returns” for OIC compliance purposes? Thanks!


Hey Talmond,
Here is a page from one of Canopy’s CPE classes (taught by Tanya Baber):


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Hi Good afternoon my name is Abdulkarim. one of my client is under examination. the service ask to support the millage he drove. he is Tax driver , and did kept good record. what is the best approach to face service.
i am a new agent. i will be grateful in any guideness



This article what does the IRS require in your Mileage Log Documentation ( provides a pretty good outine!

If your client has repair bills that shows that mileage a certain intervals throughout the audit period that corroborate with the mileage lag would be great as well!

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Awesome, thanks Jeff!