Are Canopy staff part of the community?


Is this community where users can provide feedback on the application itself and request enhancements/changes? I just ran into something that I’m really surprised doesn’t already exist as a functionality within Canopy and that is the information from the Client Survey does not automatically populate the contact record. So, let’s say I set a new client up as a contact in Canopy with their basic name, address, email address information and send them the Client Survey. They can fill in the SSN, date of birth, spouse, dependents, etc. and it will appear in the survey, but none of that transfers or appears in the contact record. The only way to get it there is to write it down somewhere and then navigate back to the contact record and fill it in. It’s very cumbersome and sort of defeats the purpose of having software collect information.


Good evening James,

Canopy staff are part of the community and provide tons of valuable input! Jeffrey McNeal is very active and I am sure he is willing to pass any product enhancement suggestions along.

I generally use the Canopy help section when I have suggestions for procduct enhancements but Jefreey can tell you what Canopy prefers.

As far as your issue, YES…this would be a great enhancement!!!


Hey James,

Thanks for sharing your idea. Your issue was heard loud and clear last week, as I saw your concern shared over our internal employee channel during the weekend. It was directed to, and received by, our head of product. I can’t give you an ETA, but it is now a known issue.

Thanks again,