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  • From one of our SME's here at Canopy.
  • If you can have the school recreate and provide a receipt (and possibly a 1098-T) then you should respond. If there is no way to prove it to the IRS, then you are correct with the IRM reference, as you are agreeing with their position.
  • I would dispute the IRS's position with documentation of college attendance. I would include items such as the form 1098-T (which should be enough), transcripts, and any other supporting documentation. Regarding how the Canopy platform can assist:…
  • If the CSED is expired, you should not have to do anything. The IRS will know that the debt is no longer collectible. However, I would monitor the account (through transcripts) to ensure they are not attempting to apply funds to the account subseq…
    in CSED Comment by jeffrey.mcneal May 21
  • Your client has an unpaid tax liability. Before sending the CP504B, The IRS notified your client of the amount owed. The taxpayer then neglected or refused to pay the tax. It is possible your client never received the notice. This is a straight-u…
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  • Since there is some income, she would need to be added to the survey (probably as a non-liable "other" aka roommate).
  • That is a tough one. You may want to list her as a non-liable spouse. If that is the case, it will not include her income or assets on the paperwork. As far as her actual income, you would leave that at zero (or just check that the spouse does not h…
  • You picked the right spot!!! Thank you for the suggestion. I will share with the appropriate folks.