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I do Tax Resolution for my company and another company outsources their Tax Resolution work to me. They charge a high fee and give me a little piece of the pie. I would like a way to track when they have paid me for a particular invoice but I find that the client sees the invoice and thinks that they owe it to me which upsets them because they have already paid a big sum to the outsourcing company. I would like to be able to choose whether the billing information is visible or not in the client portal. Please!!

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    @LEAMONBIZ I've submitted your request to our product team

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    @APEXHOSPITALITY This idea (along with over 300 other ideas) have been submitted to the product team. The community basically overwhelmed our product folks, so we implemented the upvote system. We wiped the slate clean and have started over. The status listed in the ideation box is an accurate status. So in this particular case, the idea is considered new as it has not received enough votes to be pushed to our development teams.

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    The fact that hiding the Billing Section isn't optional or at least assignable to a lead on an account is not acceptable and invalidates use of the feature entirely at our firm, which creates INCREDIBLY negative customer service expectations and therefore, interactions. Combined with the inability for this software to track referrrals makes it distinctly less appealing than Thompson-Reuters.


    The voting system is not productive as users are busy with their work and personal life and may not visit here to vote.

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