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Auto-Convert Files with a size of 0 KiloBytes

JohnThrivesJohnThrives Posts: 62 ✭✭✭

I don't know why clients sometimes upload text files notes with 0 KiloBytes but it would be convenient if Canopy can simply convert it to a Canopy sticky note with the file name of 0 KiloByte. For example, let's say Uncle Sam uploaded a *.txt file note of 0 KiloByte but has a file name "Please_add_$50_to_the_extension_payment.txt" then simply have Canopy convert the *.txt file name to Canopy sticky note saying in the note "A 0 KiloByte file has been uploaded and has been converted to a Canopy sticky note saying "Please add $50 to the extension payment.txt"

Does anyone have a better solution?

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