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New IRS-Approved Transcripts Tool

Erin G
Erin G Posts: 83 admin

Happy Monday to all Recovering Tax Preparers out there,

We have big news!

If you're currently using a tool to pull tax transcripts for your clients, you might have noticed a disruption in this process. This isn’t a mistake or a temporary outage of the service—effective immediately, the IRS is deprecating many transcript-pulling tools permanently.

Canopy is one of a handful of companies selected by the IRS to develop a new tool to improve the security of consumer information.

Our new Transcript Tool integrates directly with the IRS to:

  • Ensure the safety of consumer data
  • Provide near-instantaneous transcript retrieval to our customers
  • Improve overall user experience

Check out this video for more information:


  • RojiDave
    RojiDave Posts: 1

    So why is the New Canopy tool not operating as of Sunday May 30,2021. Are fees required.?? Thx RojiDave

  • Erin G
    Erin G Posts: 83 admin

    Hi @RojiDave, I cannot identify your account based off this username - but if you are currently operating within our Freemium offering, that transcripts tool has been depreciated along with all other non-Canopy transcript-pulling tools which do not utilize the new IRS API. The new Canopy Transcripts Tool is IRS-approved and does require payment to operate going forward. Please let me know if you would like to be put in contact with our service team to upgrade.
    Best, Erin

    JAMES_JENNINGS Posts: 3 ✭✭

    I am very impressed with the depth and ability you have built into the Transcript Tool. The challenge is that we still have to login to IRS.gov/eServices to upload the Form 2848/8821.

    Is there a way for Canopy to build the Form 2848/8821 upload link into the Transcript Tool? I know that it does not resolve the time lag by the IRS to get the forms into the CAF, but it would make it easier to upload forms that are already in the Canopy client. Besides we have to download the signed form, then upload it to the IRS. More steps and time.

    If you are able to build that link to upload the Form 2848/8821, then can the CAF notify Canopy that the Form 2848/8821 has been updated so the user can request the transcripts?

  • Erin G
    Erin G Posts: 83 admin

    Hi @JAMES_JENNINGS, we've been pushing the IRS hard to implement this capability. Unfortunately, we are at their mercy for approval. This is not a sure thing, and there's no timeline until we receive permission, but no other competitor has this capability. If we become the first, you will definitely hear about it.