Open PDF from Canopy in Adobe so that it can be edited

Eve_PEve_P Posts: 7 ✭✭

We use PDFs for all of our workpapers. Please add functionality so that we can select a PDF from Canopy and have the option for it to open and be editable in Adobe. Additionally, some of our 'accounting specific' PDF tools can only be accessed via Adobe as tools.

We 'touch' these workpapers multiple times throughout a week or even a day, so it is not practical or efficient to have to Download/Save/Upload each time. Particularly during tax season.



  • This feature is critical to our efficiency. If we have to download files to open/work on them, it will significantly increase the time we take on every project. :( Hoping you will be able to add the ability to open/use the pdf directly from canopy really soon!

  • KellyKelly Posts: 14

    I agree 100% and would like to see the ability to save directly to and send directly from Canopy. Currently, when documents are received from a client, they are scanned, then saved to a folder in Dropbox, then uploaded to Canopy. When a form, such as 8821, 2848, 433, etc. is completed in Canopy, it must be downloaded to a folder in Dropbox before it can be faxed to the IRS. This has been quite frustrating and adds unnecessary time to each task. Please add this feature ASAP!

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