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Make the Notification of Request Visible from Any Portal View

It's happened a few too many times where I will setup a client in their business portal and have them sign something, then later set them up in their personal portal and tell them that they need to esign an 8879 for their personal taxes through the portal. However, in order to log in, instead of going to our URL they just go to the email that invited them in the first place. When they do, they get taken to their business portal and see that there's no client requests and nothing to do.

A lot of times they don't even realize that they can switch portals from their business to their personal or even how that works (it makes perfect sense to me but not so much to a lot of our non-tech-savvy clients). Is there a way you can guide their eyes to the fact that they even have a second portal view and further, add a notification that shows them there's a request for a portal they have access to but aren't currently viewing?

Like maybe move the "Switch Portals" button to be grossly large and at the top and an unsightly color, just so they can't miss it. Then, have a big red flashing marker on it to indicate that there's something wrong and it can be clicked. Then maybe a banner that appears at the top of the screen that says something like, "You have a client request in a different portal. See this request." Where you can click the banner and it will take you to the other portal.

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