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Advanced Document+Task Integration

It would be really cool to have the ability to tie a sort of "Documents Needed" for a subtask or client request template.

For client requests, one would set the names for the documents desired and the client can upload each document directly to the correlating file, which would be renamed and filed into the correct location automatically according to the template.

For Tasks, I'd love to be able to set a series of documents needed to perform the task to be a sort of document checklist. When created for a client, it looks in their folders for those documents according to the template and if it finds them, shows it as being there in the list. If not, it shows that document as missing and one can check the client's folder for missing files. If it still can't be found, one could send a client request for those documents that would be automatically populated with the files as above.

When all the items are accounted for, the task or subtask would mark complete and one could open all files in the list at once on their local machine.

So for instance, if one of our tax preparers needed to do a 1040, they would need maybe a Tax Organizer, W2s, K1s, last year's tax return, etc. They would create the task and canopy would look in that client's files for a filename containing "Tax Organizer 2021" and "K1 2020" and it finds a Tax Organizer and two K1s because that's how we name all files, but not "Tax Return 2020" or "W2 2020" or "1099 2020". They then click the missing list item where it takes them to the client's files to check and find that there was a return for 2020 named "Tax Rerurn 2020" and they can manually select that as the "Tax Return 2020" item whereupon they get a confirmation to rename it to "[Client Last Name], [Client First Name] and [Spouse First Name] Tax Return 2020", something we designated in the task template. For the W2 and 1099, canopy offers to send a document request to the client automatically asking for those documents. The client doesn't have 1099s so they mark that on the request, but they do upload two W2s, one for them and one for their spouse, named "My W2" and "Her W2". The tax preparer gets the request back and again gets a confirmation that they want to rename the files to "[Client Last Name], [Client First Name] W2 2020", which they do for the primary but manually change the spouse's W2 to match their name. Canopy also asks to confirm the file's placement in the "Taxes/2020/Tax Documents/Wages and Income" folder and applies the matching folder template we set ahead of time, in the event that the folder doesn't exist. Once done, the preparer marks any other documents in the list we don't need and when all items are checked, the "Document" subtask completes and moves to the next task where the tax preparer can open the whole bunch on their local PDF viewer to start working on the tax return.

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