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Unbilled Time Valued based on Assignee Rates

GoldfineCPA Posts: 2
edited September 12 in Billing

In the time entries area, we would like to see "Unbilled revenue" valued based on "Assignee total" rather than "Service total" or at least make that an option. When it shows us how many "Unbilled hours" there are, it would be a lot more useful if it also showed the dollar value of those unbilled hours at our hourly standard rates. I realize the WIP report shows that but it would be nice to see all that information in one place. The less we have to flip back and forth between reports or have to create our own spreadsheets to derive the information that we need, the better. When we go into a contact, it would be nice be be able to quickly compare what we have billed to what we should have been able to bill based on the billed time and also quickly be able to see what the client's unbilled dollar balance based on the unbilled-billed time.

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