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E-Sig Request as a Sub-Task

Apanora Posts: 1

Having E-sig request as a sub-task option would make a great feature instead of just having it as a stand alone Task.

I have found that while completing tasks, I would need to add an E-sig request. Having the option to make an E-sig request a sub-task would help us maintain the parent task the main task. As of now we have to create a new task for E-sig Requests. Sometimes the client won't sign until many days later. Finally when they do sign we end up a bit lost and have to waste time in reviewing what the E-sig was for or what task does it form part of. Yes we can leave some type of note, but the goal here is to save as much time as possible.

Another way we can use this is perhaps by integrating it into Templates. Say you have your 1040 Template and part of that workflow is to request an e-sig for the 4868. It would be much easier having it ready as a sub-task than having to making an additional task for requesting e-sigs.

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