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Expanding Zapier functionality

BNguyenBNguyen Posts: 8 ✭✭

Right now I'm using Zapier to pull new responses from Google Forms to automatically import new clients into Canopy. Here are some feature requests that would make Canopy really amazing:

  • the Find contact task in Zapier does not allow us to make changes to a contact's information once it is found in our Canopy client database... so it doesn't do us very much good if we already have a prospect in the system and we need to update their data from the Google form. Right now our workaround is to delete the contact as a prospect, and create a whole new contact as a client.

  • the contact information we can import into Canopy appears to be limited and also doesn't include custom fields we've created in Canopy

  • it would be awesome if we could see expanded functionality with zaps beyond just contacts. Like new triggers such as creating an invoice in Canopy that could hypothetically create an invoice in Quickbooks Online. Or new task assignments triggering notifications in Slack. Or the ability to automatically create new engagements and/or tasks from triggers outside of Canopy.

Thanks again!

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