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Tasks with a calendar option

Branhder Posts: 1

It would be helpful to be able to create a task and have the ability to put it on the calendar as an event as well. This will enable a time slot "reservation" for complicated tasks and could prevent overloading a particular day with too many tasks and appointments.

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  • Erin G
    Erin G Posts: 54 admin

    Hi @Branhder, you might already know that our tasks do currently show up on the calendar if there is a date assigned, but we are intrigued at the idea of creating a task event. One of our product team members will reach out to hear more!

  • K_Mannes
    K_Mannes Posts: 3

    It would be great to be able to drag and drop a task onto your calendar in Canopy. Using the budgeted time field as the block of time that is scheduled for that particular task. It would allow you to see other meetings on the calendar and to plan work around meetings/and or plan meetings around work that needs to be done.

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