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New Advanced Document Management Capabilities

Erin G
Erin G Posts: 54 admin
edited June 30 in News

We unveiled our Advanced Document Management capabilities this week in hopes of simplifying your workflow and increasing collaboration even more.

Eliminate Adobe Acrobat costs by manipulating and annotating documents within Canopy! Send fillable PDFs to clients or colleagues - rotate, delete, move pages, and combine files all within our interface or the Client Portal web browser. No need to download and reupload files anymore.

We will continue to optimize this feature to be more robust over time. This functionality is part of our pro package and currently only available on desktop. The base package will have the fillable PDF capability in July.

For your reference, here are the two correlating Knowledge Base articles:

Manipulating PDFs in Canopy: https://help.getcanopy.com/contents/3554b44f-fe26-4cc1-b520-300152c968f9#78840487

Merging New PDF files in Canopy: https://help.getcanopy.com/contents/c6b722b3-5def-4a4e-93d6-f69566843c7b#44748cee

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