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Transcript Downloads from the IRS

There is a need to have the ability to immediately download transcripts from the IRS into reports and documents. When transcripts are available for a new client in a secure IRS online portal, a Canopy subscriber should be able to access the information from the IRS and have it automatically transfer into Canopy's transcript reports and documents without having to wait 6 to 8 weeks before a direct link from Canopy has been established with the IRS.


  • Erin G
    Erin G Posts: 33 admin

    Hi @MJones, thanks again for this suggestion! We have exciting news coming tomorrow regarding Transcripts - stay tuned. But meanwhile, could you please elaborate on the 6-8 waiting period you're incurring? Once you have a valid CAF number and a Power of Attorney on file for your client, you should be able to pull multiple transcripts in minutes.

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