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Tax Organizer Customizations

alamping Posts: 3
edited May 24 in Tax Resolution Tool

We need to add additional requests to the Tax Organizer and be able to create our own Tax Organizers for additional engagement types. One suggestion is to have separate organizer pages available or allow us to create separate organizer pages that we can add to the general organizer for different client situations. For example, if a client indicates they have a small business (sole proprietorship) we could add that additional "Organizer Pages" which would have questions pertaining to a sole proprietorship and a template to allow them to fill in Revenue & Expenses. If they had a home office that would be an option to add additional "Organizer Pages" collecting information on home office. If they had auto expenses, we would have the option to add additional "Organizer Pages to collect info on auto expense.

I also want to be able to create an Organizer for S-Corp's, Partnerships, C-Corps, Estate's & Trusts. Maybe you could create a Canopy Community page that users could post the templates they created that we could share, import and customize.

We use Proseries Tax Software. They have a very robust set of PDF Pages for their Tax Organizer, as to other software's, but it is not available online to clients in a fillable PDF form.

I would be very extremely interested in working with Canopy to get this developed.


  • alamping
    alamping Posts: 3

    Will I receive email notifications when anyone responds to this?

  • Erin G
    Erin G Posts: 33 admin

    Hi @alamping, you should be able to edit your notification preferences so that you receive an email notification in the event that you do not after this ping. :smile:

    We do have plans to support fillable PDFs directly within Canopy, which in turn could be used to support customizable PDF organizers. Customizable web forms are a possible implementation we're looking into down the road, but it's not on the roadmap at this time.


    I echo @alamping in requesting the selection of various tax organizer pages that can be included with a client's basic form. Business, Farm, Sale of primary residence, and Rental pages would be a start. I would appreciate fillable PDFs and know that many of my clients would utilize the feature. We also utilize ProSeries and would be willing to help you with outlining or defining any integration.

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