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Phone Messages feature

brandmiddleton Posts: 3

It would be awesome if Canopy had a phone message feature that worked like a mini task list. Calls could be logged by admin under the client and assign to a team member and the phone messages would show up on a separate list in the dashboard that they could clear when done.

The messages could stay under the client forever so we could look back at previous messages etc.

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  • KimberleyPollard
    KimberleyPollard Posts: 10 ✭✭

    Currently, we are handling this via a Phone Calls Task that has a template setup. It's not ideal, but it works. For calls that need to be returned that do not relate to a specific contact, we have a contact set up called PHONE CALLS. It uses the same task template, but is assigned to the PHONE CALLS contact as opposed to an actual client contact. Again, not ideal, but it's a work-around for now.

  • Joelle_T
    Joelle_T Posts: 12 ✭✭✭

    This would be very helpful!

  • KimberleyPollard
    KimberleyPollard Posts: 10 ✭✭

    Thinking about this further, it would be helpful to have an entire section (like the Communications tab) for just phone calls. In this tab would be all the calls coming in from the client complete with the day and time they called, what their issue(s) or purpose(s) for the call is, their return phone number, best time to call, etc.

    From there, the firm can decide if they just need to return the call or notate the response OR they can decide if a new task needs to be created to address the items of concern. Just my two cents...

  • odc
    odc Posts: 8

    A section in communications tab for phone calls YES!
    then this could grow to SMS messages (textellent or similar). This could start with just a task as suggested that a team member can be assigned and also be visible in a firm task list so it doesn't get over looked.