Export Invoices

BNguyenBNguyen Posts: 8

Would it be possible to export invoices and payments by period to CSV for easy import into Quickbooks Online or another ERP? Right now it's tedious to have to do all of this manually for every invoice we issue and payment we receive.


  • rob.holcombe@canopytax.com[email protected] Posts: 97 admin

    Hello @BNguyen,

    This is definitely on the roadmap and as we continue to develop the billing system you will see more reports and usability such as exporting to CSV.

  • BNguyenBNguyen Posts: 8

    Thanks Rob! Since you mentioned more reports - can we also request the ability to see revenue reports by service item - both on accrual vs. cash?

  • rob.holcombe@canopytax.com[email protected] Posts: 97 admin


    Absolutely you can. I can pass this along right now! The more information that we can pass on to our development team the better. Canopy's growth is about the customers we serve. Thank you for your request!

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