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Request - Client Legal Name & Preferred Name in Header

Kbersh Posts: 10 ✭✭

MANY of our clients go by a preferred name over their legal given name. Be it a slight difference - client likes to be called Mike instead of Michael, or client likes to go by middle name, or client goes by a completely different name than their legal name. Would be extremely helpful if we were able to input the clients legal name (required for tax submission) along with a preferred name to use in client communications.


  • Andre
    Andre Posts: 1

    I think you can add a custom field for "Preferred 1st Name", and have that as a contact attribute.

  • Kbersh
    Kbersh Posts: 10 ✭✭

    @Andre It's easy to miss in the sidebar, you really have to look for it - I would prefer it be up top or to come up in a search, same with DBA for business entities (you can manually enter 'ABC Company DBA Alphabet Group' as a workaround for now).

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