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News From Canopy!

Erin G
Erin G Posts: 76 admin

Hello Community Users and Tax Season Warriors,

Prior to this year, there has not been a lot of Canopy involvement in this forum. We are working to change that.

First and foremost, a content clean-up is well overdo and that being said, posts from December 2019 and prior have been removed. Along with some kinks in the organizational settings, more recent discussions might disappear momentarily before being redefined under new categories. Please bear with us during this time. We expect full engagement on our end and redesign to be completed by summer 2021.

While our responses have been far and few between, we do still see your ideation suggestions that have been posted here. Check out this recent news release from CPA Practice Advisor on our early 2021 updates! We're continuously working to evolve and your feedback is much appreciated.