Useful Thinking on Building Your Business

Found this on LinkedIn. Maybe useful in thinking through building your business:

  1. Define your growth strategy – specify what it is that you would like to achieve.
    Map out existing and new segments as well as their entry points.

  2. Know your clients, prospective clients and competitors – understand what makes these segments tick.
    Map out where to find your prospective clients. Understand what is important to your prospects.

  3. Optimize your online presence – ensure that you have visibility in key social media and online listings.

  4. Optimize your offline presence – ensure that you have a strategy for becoming part of and
    participating in boards, rosters, organizations, training, and conferences.

  5. Create a prospect acquisition strategy – define and segment direct sources of business,
    parties that will refer business to you and pro bono opportunities. Include emails, calls, social media outreach, networking, etc.

  6. Define a communication strategy – collate, curate and create content. Include technical, non-technical, longer and shorter texts.
    Share content. Determine where to publish and with what frequency.

  7. Create a networking strategy – identify decision makers, referrers, mentors, industry leaders, etc.
    Map out how to access these and with what messaging.


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