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Organizer - Filing, Customization, Email Doc list, Bulk send

I have been using Cognito Forms for my tax organizers and really like how Canopy has a feature that is very similar. I believe this is the start of a great tool, but I would like to recommend a few suggestions:

Once the organizer has been submitted:

  • generate email to client including the list of docs needed based on their responses as some clients will not have everything ready to upload at the time of completing the organizer
  • status change to Needs Review
  • auto create the PDF file and send to the Files section. This helps keep all docs in one place for reviewing and filing into their respective folders. (I currently print to PDF from Cognito and save into the client files in Canopy)

  • Bulk Send - ability to select clients and bulk send organizer requests. It would also be great to bulk setup/send engagements

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