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On the Prepare tab where it says, "Select a category to get started" it would be really cool if it showed a summary of the tax return. Basically the highlights of the 1040. Better yet, have it show a two-year comparison with a delta column. In past tax programs, I lived off the two-year comparison view - I catch so many mistakes that way. It would be really nice if that view was front-and-center.

Only slightly related, but I don't want to start a new thread, it would be cool if there was some kind of indicator on the left side categories so that we knew which forms were in use. In other words, if the return had business income it would be cool if "Business income" was bold or had an icon.

In a perfect world, I have someone entering data for me and then I review. Having a birds-eye view with the summary and the forms in use would help me understand the return much faster. Right now I'd have to go to the Review tab and scroll through the return's pages - obviously a decent way to see what's going on, but summarizing in the Prepare tab would make things faster. And, the return itself doesn't show a two-year comparison.


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    Hello @Bstmstr,

    This is a great idea. As our tax prep product is so new there are a lot of ideas that are definitely being placed on the road map. I will ensure that your request goes to the correct dev team.

    Thank you for your submission today!

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