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Allow a greater number of contacts to be viewed on the Contact List page


Why do I have to continually select "load more contacts"? Please give us the ability to tell the program how many contacts we want viewable per page (i.e. 50, 100, all) or show the number of contact pages available and let me select which page I want to view.

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  • Mike21300Mike21300 Posts: 2

    In addition, after selecting a client to work on and then when returning to the client list, why must it take you back to the beginning of the list. For example, when working on "Smith" and then return to the list, it will take you back to the first contact, say "Adam" rather than the place where Smith was on the contact list. This is especially tedious if the next contact I want to review was "Walker", now I have to scroll, or more accurately load more documents to get down the list again from Adams, rather than starting from Smith on list.

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