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It would be awesome to be able to link or connect a file to an email in the communications tab.
For example, we fill out phone slips when a phone call is taken. Often times I will respond to the call with an email to the client. It would be great if I could then scan in the original slip and connect it with the email that is in canopy.


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    Thank you for your submission today. I want to make sure I understand before submitting anything. Essentially what I understand is that you would almost like a ticketing system.

    That way if I took a note on a phone call and then sent an email on the same issue, I could scan in the note and tie it together under ticket #432. That way if someone else viewed the ticket they would be able to see that I took the phone call and then responded by email.

    Does that sound like what you are thinking?

  • VeronicaSmythVeronicaSmyth Posts: 4

    Yes, a way to group those similar communications together.

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    @VeronicaSmyth perfect! thank you for the clarification. That ticket has been submitted.

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