Enhanced task list view

BstmstrBstmstr Posts: 3

It would be nice if I could sort tasks by their status - but not alphabetically. For example, I like to sort with "No status" at the top followed by "Not Started", "In Progress", "On hold", etc. But alphabetically wouldn't work for this. If I could rename them then I could just add a number as a prefix. But, it would be better if I could sort by the order in which the statuses are listed.

Furthermore, it would be cool if I could group rows by a column. It would give a nice visual distinction and could even allow toggling a groups visibility. For example, "With client" might be a good one for me to hide since it's just me waiting on a client.

Finally, it would be nice if there were saved views so that I could switch to different sorting/grouping/filter views quickly.

This would also be relevant to the Tax Returns list view.

Basically, having more spreadsheet-like viewing options would be really slick. Thanks!


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