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More keyboard shortcuts

BstmstrBstmstr Posts: 3

I love that the Tax Returns section has a few keyboard shortcuts, but I wish the whole app had more. If these shortcuts do exist I haven't been able to find them in help.

Some keyboard shortcuts that would be super nice (listed in order of importance to me, 1 being most important):
1. Search
3. Client tabs
4. Global tabs
5. Timer controls
6. Add new

It would also be cool if there was a way to quickly get to a tax form - instead of pressing "z" to get to credits and then clicking on "Child & dependent care" maybe a search box where I could type "child..." or even "2441" to find that page (of course, that search box should have a keyboard shortcut to access).

In a perfect world I could navigate the whole app using just the keyboard only, but I realize that might be asking a lot. Anyway, at a minimum, a few more here-and-there would be very helpful.



  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 admin


    Thank you for your submission. More Keyboard shortcuts are definitely something that we have on our radar. Over time the tax prep program will become more and more robust as we have time to develop. Suggestions like this will help us to prioritize features, so we really appreciate the feedback!!!

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