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More Settings for Recurring Tasks

GinaTallman Posts: 30 ✭✭✭

1) Have a "year" or better yet, a "period" option. So you set a task to recur annually, the year in the task name would automatically roll forward. For example, I name my tax return tasks "2019 1040 Individual Tax Return". When the task rolls forward, I would like it to say "2020 1040 Individual Tax Return". Would be even better if you had like monthly tasks and you could tell it to roll forward the month name ie "July Financials" would roll forward to "August Financials".
2) Clear the start date, or have an option to clear the start date. I don't want my 2020 tax returns showing that they are already started (I use this for the date the information is received from the client so that we can do projects in the order they come in).
3) Clear the descriptions, or have an option. We often put task-specific notes in those descriptions, if we don't clear them, they could be confusing for next year.
4) Option to clear all assignees. I don't want to assign the subtasks until we are actually working on the project, to help keep task lists cleaner.

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