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Search & Sort 'Contact List' by Contact Owner/Custom fields

ArielAriel Posts: 11

We're looking for ways to make firm management more efficient within our team of staff bookkeepers. Since each client has an assigned contact owner, it would be great to have the options to see all those clients in a list in the Contact List view by either search or sort the "Contact Owner" , it is already an attribute column, why not use it fully? :smiley:

Another similar item is applying the same ability to some/all of our "custom fields". An example is a column we added called "DBA", which as you all know, is "Doing Business As" AKA the common store name of our business clients. Most time we refer to them as their store name but as their accountants we have to know the exact entity, name and type, so to be able to locate and find these guys by any name they go by, is an excellent idea!

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  • GinaTallmanGinaTallman Posts: 28 ✭✭

    Agree! Our current workaround is using tags so that we can sort our client list by the partner on the engagement.

  • I would agree! We export it to excel and sort it. It's a pain then to have to find each client that needs to be changed. If an employee leaves it takes a while to reassign each client to a new owner without being able to sort for their name. It would be great to only see the contacts you are assigned to to create other workflows and to verify contact info, tags, etc. are all up to date for the clients you're responsible for.

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