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Canopy Text Recognition

JohnThrives Posts: 177 ✭✭✭✭
Hi everyone,

I recently launched a browser-based text recognition called "Instant Text OCR". I tested it on Canopy's document viewer and it accurately recognizes the text and automatically copies it to the clipboard.

The reason I created such solution is because it helps speed up the tax data entry as part of the tax workflow process. It is compatible with both Apple Pencil as well as touch.

If anyone has an iPad and/or Mac based computers, send me your email and I can give you free access as part of the beta program where you can provide feedback and help improve the application.

Hopefully in the future, Canopy takes some the features that I co-developed with OwlOCR and incorporates it natively in the Canopy platform.

Here is the link:


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