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Request Appointment/Meeting in Client Portal

ArielAriel Posts: 11

Give client the ability to use the client portal to schedule a meeting with his accountant (assigned member). Since it syncs with Outlook already, we should be able to manage the availability from there. This way clients have a practical reason to use the client portal, AND we can limit the amount of labor in scheduling appointments and focus on the actual work!

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  • RyanNWTARyanNWTA Posts: 2

    Agreed. Possibly add the app/service Calendly directly into the portal via requests field. We definitely need to have an ability for clients to request a meeting via the portal. Even better if we can provide them with some pre-set options for appointments (types of meetings and length). Best would be if we could indicate the fee and have them pre-enter info to pay for the meeting that is being requested using Canopy payments.

  • GinaTallmanGinaTallman Posts: 28 ✭✭

    Agree. Would love a Calendly integration!

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