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TEMPLATES improvement - letters/email/request/signatures

ArielAriel Posts: 11
edited September 4 in General

Finding some limitation in building our assets on Canopy, and just drawing some inspirations from some of the commonly used tools/technologies out there, these will 100% contribute to our branding and communication efficiency:

  • Letters: this is great! but can we have some customer fields included as attributes? and how about branded logo (already in account setting) as signature when signing off?
  • Emails: would love to have the ability to add URL links, images, signature, logos, dates as we please.
  • Requests: the client requests need to have also relative dates function to be built into a task template. also the ability to add links and images would be good. anything could be a client request, we want to have multiple uses for each feature.
  • Signatures: on forms, would be nice to allow clients to "draw" their signature for the first time and save that image as their signature going forward and likewise for employees. the cursive typography doesn't look very official unfortunately, these are serious documents!
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